I’ve had a hard time deciding how I should start this year’s blog post series, and which book to choose as the first to review in 2016. After pondering different arguments and looking back a few times over the list of books that I plan to review, I finally decided to go with the novel that I was reading at this same time a year ago. Last New Year’s found me reading Atonement by Ian McEwan.

When I discovered McEwan’s literary work, I read four of his book one after another. I enjoyed all of them, but there were two in particular that I liked most and I couldn’t decide on a favorite. Both were very interesting yet completely different. Atonement was the last out of the four that I read because it was slightly longer than the others and also because I’ve seen the movie and I knew the Continue reading

Amsterdam (novel)

The previous summer, I was searching the web for some ideas on good vacation reads, and came across an article about Ian McEwan. I was impressed with his writing career and felt a bit ashamed that up until that point I hadn’t read any of his works. I decided to fill the gap, and ordered four of his books: Amsterdam, Saturday, Enduring Love and Atonement. Both the article and his writing style must have been very convincing, since I read all four books one after another 🙂

Ian McEwan is a well-known English novelist and screenwriter. He was nominated for the Man Booker Prize six times and won the award in 1998 with the very novel I will be reviewing in this post. His writing style is simply perfect, and whenever I read something written by him, I’m surprised how every word fits in perfectly with the next, creating a Continue reading