Spring in Dragør

It’s been a while since I posted anything on Vacation Reads, partly because I have been travelling more than usual the last few weeks and couldn’t find a spare moment to complete one of the many posts I have in progress. My most recent trip was a one day trip to the old Danish town of Dragør.

Dragør is a town located on the island of Amager, only 12 km south of Copenhagen city center. It is one of the most charming and special towns in Danemark because of its cobbled, narrow streets and its traditional yellow houses that are hundreds of years old. Not very crowded, with houses seemingly taken out of The Hobbit movie, it makes for an attractive destination to all those who are visiting Copenhagen and would like to see something different.

Dragør also features a cozy, lovely beach, though when we visited at the beginning Continue reading


Copenhagen is one of the most charming cities I have ever seen, and in my opinion, it truly stands out. A green capital with relaxed, cheerful inhabitants who actively engage in work that sustains the environment, who lead a healthy lifestyle and generally focus on their wellbeing. The Danes have a specific word that expresses the happy, comfy, cozy atmosphere of their country and capital city: hygge. Copenhagen is definitely the most hygge capital on Earth 🙂

It is one of those capitals where many things happen, yet without leaving the impression of a busy, exhausting city. Copenhagen is quite small, therefore a few days might be enough to see its main tourist attractions. I plan to write more posts about Denmark in the future, since there are many interesting places to see in this small part of the world.

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Magic Christmas around Europe

Zurich, Swarovski Christmas Tree

I had a short Christmas vacation but I’m back now with a few words about Christmas. Christmas may be a family holiday, but the way people celebrate it, as well as where, has changed slightly over time.

Celebrating with family is still one of my favorite ways of spending Christmas, but once in a while this magic day catches me somewhere else, far from some of my dear ones but closer to some others 🙂

Christmas is a happy holiday and therefore I enjoy it most. No matter one’s mood, we are all filled with happiness when we see Christmas lights and Christmas decorations everywhere.

I find it easier to describe the magic of Christmas in pictures rather than in words, so here are a few photos from some places I’ve been around Christmas. I’ll update this post with photos from a new place each year, and the post will Continue reading