La Pelosa

Only a couple of weeks ago, we returned from the wonderful island of Sardinia. Sardinia is an Italian island located in the Mediterranean sea. Any Mediterranean island is an ideal location for an amazing, carefree summer vacation! All the islands there are similar in terms of nature and climate, but what makes them stand out is the specifics of the country they belong to: a slightly different architecture, culture and cuisine. I’m always excited to explore these differences while at the same time enjoying the comfort of knowing what to expect.

In Sardinia, I discovered a rocky mass of land strewn with more than 7000 Nuraghi, houses painted in bright colors, rocky castles and breathtaking beaches. A Nuraghi is a tower built from stone by the Nuragic people, a civilization that lived on this island between 1800 – 500 BC. I was impressed by these towers when I first read Continue reading


Northern Lights

A couple of posts ago, in the post about Norway, I was saying that this winter, I am going to see the northern lights. Instead of Norway, we went to see the aurora borealis in Iceland. So we checked off two items from my to-do list in one go: finally visiting Iceland and also catching a glimpse of the northern lights.

We only stayed in Iceland for five days, but it was enough to be positively impressed by this amazing country and to start making plans for our next visit.

Iceland offers experiences and sceneries that we haven’t seen before. Northern lights, lava fields, volcanos, hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, the ocean, and continental drift are not just words taken out of a geography book, they are the norm in Iceland. It is simply impressive how many natural wonders you can experience in one single place. This makes Iceland a must-see and a unique place.

Our Continue reading


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Some time back, we were looking for an island where we could spend our summer vacation. We wanted to go somewhere in Europe, however it would’ve had to be exotic, so we thought that Corsica would be an intriguing choice. We didn’t know much about the island at the time, but the mere thought of French desserts and the Mediterranean, already made it seem like the perfect destination.

We finally managed to get there last year.

It was quite easy to find flight tickets to Paris and from there to Ajaccio, Corsica’s main city. The problem however, was to find a decent hotel, on one hand because there were just a few options, and on the other hand, the ones above average were either taken or prohibitively expensive. Accommodation in Corsica usually means either expensive luxury hotels or unrenovated hotels at a reasonable price. There are a couple of good Continue reading