Rome – The Eternal City


The City of Rome is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe if not in the entire world. Strolling through the Roman streets between its old ruins and impressive monuments feels like nowhere else. The entire city of Rome feels like an open air museum, where you can explore ruins, historical buildings and cathedrals at every turn. This city is even more beautiful in the night when the ruins are almost mystically lit, giving the impression that what you’re visiting not a real-life city, but the setting of a historical movie scene.


If you haven’t been to Rome before, when you’ll go there for the first time you’ll feel that you can finally get a grasp on your knowledge of the ancient world. This trip felt overwhelming because of the multitude of well-known historical facts and settings that I had the chance to refresh my memory about, or Continue reading

Reykjavik – the northernmost capital in the world!

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital city and the entrance point to this fascinating country. We had already visited the Scandinavian capitals and expected that Reykjavik will be similar. However, we were surprised to discover that it is not. It has its own charm and doesn’t look like any other capital that we’ve seen so far.


This unparalleled city glowing with lights and covered in snow, surrounded by lava fields and backed by the Atlantic Ocean and rocky mountains made me think of winter holidays. The overall atmosphere was like that of a ski resort or of a mountain town. Maybe it reminded me of a ski resort also because many of the tourists were wearing ski/snow gear. It was easy to distinguish the true Icelandic residents from the visitors who were there only for a couple of days simply by looking at their clothes. The holiday atmosphere was emphasized by the knitted hats and pullovers that were on display in Continue reading


Copenhagen is one of the most charming cities I have ever seen, and in my opinion, it truly stands out. A green capital with relaxed, cheerful inhabitants who actively engage in work that sustains the environment, who lead a healthy lifestyle and generally focus on their wellbeing. The Danes have a specific word that expresses the happy, comfy, cozy atmosphere of their country and capital city: hygge. Copenhagen is definitely the most hygge capital on Earth 🙂

It is one of those capitals where many things happen, yet without leaving the impression of a busy, exhausting city. Copenhagen is quite small, therefore a few days might be enough to see its main tourist attractions. I plan to write more posts about Denmark in the future, since there are many interesting places to see in this small part of the world.

Experiencing Copenhagen as a tourist can be very exciting and Continue reading


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Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I’ll be probably saying this a lot about other cities, but there is something about Stockholm that really impressed me. It has access to water from almost everywhere, therefore it is also called the Venice of the North.

I like to plan and organize in general, and I think that cities can be easily grouped in different categories. One category I came across could be Impressive/ Big cities and Stockholm definitely fits well here.

I’ve been to Stockholm twice, the first time in the middle of May and a second time in August. It might be a good idea to go there in the summer as during the rest of the year the weather is unstable. It is rainy, windy, cloudy and it can be quite dark actually. Except for the weather, Stockholm is probably the most spectacular Continue reading