Just like most people, I like to read and travel, sometimes at the same time.
I discovered my passion for reading at an early age, when I went through everything I could find in my mother’s old collection of hardcover books, as well as the worn out titles from the small at that time public library. I’ve many times wondered why it didn’t occur to me to compile a list of novels that I read back then, since I can’t remember all of them anymore. I’ve kept reading ever since, and though my busy schedule has influenced where and when I read, it has remained my favorite activity to this day.

I was introduced to the excitement of travel some years back, through my partner.
We have been trying to explore the world to the extent that it wouldn’t interfere with our carriers, and sometimes it means a couple of vacation weeks in a year, plus some extended weekends.

A good book and a new destination is the ideal vacation for me. There’s some new place or new city to discover everywhere in the world. But just like I’ve stumbled upon books that I’d read once more, there are also destinations that I would visit again and again. There’s something exciting and at the same time relaxing about seeing a place for the second time. To this day, I’m still discovering something new and surprising about the city I live in, and perhaps I’ll never be able to say that I’ve experienced everything it has to offer.

For sure there are people out there who have read and traveled a lot more than me, and have more experienced opinions, but this is first of all a personal project. It started with the idea that I’d like to capture and revisit the places I’ve seen, and the stories I’ve read about, and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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