This small country is bursting with natural wonders. When visiting Slovenia, I was impressed by its diverse landscape. There is a sea coast, there are mountains, lakes, rivers, caves, underground rivers, and the country is almost entirely covered by forests.

This green land is simply surprising. You can get from an Alpine landscape to a coastal scenery with the Adriatic see on one side and cliffs on another in just a few kilometers.

I decided on visiting Slovenia when I saw an aerial photo of a tiny island housing a church amongst green trees, and surrounded by a lake with the bluest water. Beyond the lake, there was a castle raising in the backdrop of snowy mountains peaks. At first, I thought that the surreal photo had been taken in Switzerland, but it was actually in Slovenia at Lake Bled. So on our next vacation, we jumped at the opportunity to see it for ourselves.

We spent a few days in Slovenia and visited four wellknown tourists attractions, but there are for sure many other places that should be explored while in Slovenia, that we didn’t get to see because we got a bit too comfortable (reading, of course) on the only sandy beach the country has to offer, which is in Portoroz.

I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices, and the tasty food with influences from Central European as well as Mediterranean cuisines.

Photos from Slovenia

Lake Bled

Only 55 kilometers from Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, Lake Bled itself as well as the surrounding area is amazingly beautiful, as I’ve already mentioned. The lake’s water is not entirely of glacial origin as I initially suspected, given its color and clearness. It is actually a blend of glacial and tectonic water.

Overlooking this wonderful lake, you can find the medieval Bled castle, which offers stunning views of the water, and also houses a chapel that is open to visitors. There is a museum, a restaurant as well as a café.

Cave Postojna

This is the largest cave I’ve seen so far, it is formed of a 24 kilometer long cave system, of which only about 5 kilometers are open to visitors. The cave itself is impressive with thousands of huge stalagmite raising from the ground and thousands of stalactites hanging from the ceilings, making the cave’s interior look like a night sky decorated with the most beautiful stones that nature could have created. These formations have grown over millions of years, and have occasionally merged and formed pillars. All those galleries, corridors, and space inside the cave come together to construct a spectacular underground world.

One of the highlights, an absolute must to be mentioned, is the cave’s railway system, that provides a spectacular and fun ride for visitors.

I was absorbed in the amazing facts our guide told us. Caves are amazing places where many tiny life-forms exist. An interesting fact about Postojna is that it is home of the Olm, which is also called the human fish. It’s an extraordinary fish that lives around 100 years and can survive without food for almost 15 years. It could make a perfect pet for children 😀 The only problem is that it can live only in a subterranean world.


We unfortunately spent only a few hours in this city, on our way to Bled. We got the chance to walk around the center and explore the narrow medieval streets, which revealed some beautiful buildings and of course Ljubljana’s Castle watching over the city. I will always remember Ljubljana as the city that has some of the strangest statues 🙂 (aside from the well-known statues of Dragons).


Portoroz is a coastal settlement that attracts a great number of tourists during the summer, especially from the neighboring countries of Italy and Austria. Here is the only sandy beach in Slovenia. There are many well-kept hotels, restaurants and tourists facilities.

It is always difficult to choose where to go on vacation when there are so many places in the world that I would like to see and not enough vacation days in a year. But I’m really happy that I chose Slovenia this time, overwise I wouldn’t have gotten to know that such a diverse country exists in Europe.

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